Our training philosophy is to ensure a positive experience for each horse, each and every time. We value the horse owner's feedback, goals, and objectives, and will design a training plan specific to your horse that meets your budget.

Our training program is designed to fine-tune and condition horses to perform at their best, for sale horses, and for green horses or unbroken horses that are just learning. Affordable training is offered as single rides or as a monthly program, but can be tailored to fit your horse's specific needs.  Training is billed at month's end, after​ the training sessions have been completed, so that you are only being billed for work actually accomplished.

Kelly Lasher is the on-site trainer. To read about Kelly's credentials, please visit the biographies page.  Kelly ensures horses are very solid and educated on the flat prior to moving her horses to the jumping phase of her training program. 

To inquire about enrolling your horse in our training program, please contact us.  Training horses may be given priority over other potential boarders if space allows. 


From started to finished...

Full Training (plus board) = $475

A la Carte Rates for boarders: 

  • First four sessions (monthly) ~ $40/per
  • Second four sessions (monthly) ~ $35/per
  • Ninth session + (monthly) ~ $30/per


A la Carte Rates for non-boarders (truck-ins, shows, etc.):  $60/per

​*Gift certificates are available.

Whether Kelly is riding Al B in training or giving one of the Moores a lesson, there is never a raised voice, an unnecessary correction, or anything less than her undivided attention to the task at hand. You can’t say that about every barn or about many trainers.

The conclusion? A+ and thoroughly professional on all counts. We’re thrilled to be part of the Hunter Landing family."

-Tom, Mary, & Tim Moore


"Totally thrilled! That’s what we are because of Kelly’s tireless efforts in 2012 to find the right horse for the riders in our family.

Kelly is a great communicator, so not only did she bring her trained eye for each horse and its potential to the search, but we truly appreciated her frank appraisals of the horses we saw--both good and bad points.

Equally important--her determination. She kept the whole process zipping right along whether traveling with us by day to try horses or by scouring the internet by night to show us some more possibilities. But there was NEVER any pressure to buy one horse over another. Kelly always saw the big picture of matching horse and rider for the long haul.

The result? We bought Al B Sly last summer--and he’s the perfect fit for us.

To which I’d add “Brava!” about Kelly’s training. She’s bringing Al B along with kindness, firmness (when needed), and an innate sense of the horse’s mind and how to keep him interested, responsive, and learning. Again, she has the big picture of how to make him a horse we’ll enjoy for years.

"I sent my horse, Reuben, who was “green” at the time, to Hunter Landing Equestrian last year (2012).  Within a short period of time, Kelly had him walking, trotting, and cantering under saddle, which was my training goal for him.  Kelly kept me informed every step of the way and encouraged me to watch his progress in person.  I highly recommend Kelly as a trainer.  Reuben was treated kindly and his training schedule was flexible based on his needs.  Hunter Landing is a very professional facility; it is well maintained and always clean. The environment is friendly and so are the people.  Overall a great experience!" - Margit Lacelle